Sunday, August 15, 2010

July 30

The Twins are 11-4 since Nick Blackburn went to AAA and Punto went to the DL.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Manager Don Wakamatsu

The Mariners fired manager Don Wakamatsu. Within the last month, he benched an overpaid middle infielder who can't hit because of mental mistakes and lack of hustle. I'm going to assume manager Don Wakamatsu wanted to bench Figgins earlier but was afraid because of the contract. The Twins could benefit from this line of thinking.

At this point in the road trip, all the yaysayers seem to think 4-3 proves that the Twins are going to win the World Series. To the naysayers it's proof that they have an uphill battle to a division series sweep. All things considered, these games haven't really said much. They should have won at least three in Tampa but could have been swept. Wins are wins but that's all at this point.

Currently, I am happy to have so many unfamiliar faces in the lineup. I'm starting to like Butera. Some day, I'll come to hate Valencia. Face it. He's the second coming of Brian Buscher. I kind of like Repko, too. Meanwhile, I've realized that I hate Casilla and Guerrier so much that I like them. Really, I just love having Punto on the DL and Blackburn in AAA. Too bad Perkins is back.