Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Opening Series

The season begins with a split at home against the Mariners. What did we learn from this? We learned a lesson any baseball fan already knows. Baseball season is the best six (hopefully seven) months of the year. Every day there is another game in which anything could happen. One night they'll refuse to even get hits. The next will look like more of the same, only they'll face a bigger deficit. But a disciplined Carlos Gomez at-bat, a Mariner bullpen meltdown, and some timely hitting will steal a win in the 9th. After this, the Twins timely hitting in the middle innings and early power will win a game. Finally, in the rubber match, they'll rever to "He pitched a heckuva ballgame against us" form. On Friday night, R.A. Dickey pitches the first of many games on the Southside. In principal, I'm none too pleased to see the knuckleballer in the rotation, yet I'm overwhelmed with curiosity at what might happen.

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