Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bad News

The Twins second struggling second-baseman Alexi Casilla down to the minors today. This is bad news for two reasons. First, it means he'll probably return. Let's hope by then he's at least conquered his fear of the ball in the field. Second, the alternative, Matt Tolbert, isn't much of an improvement. Let's no kid ourselves. Gardy will find every excuse he can to play him ahead of Harris. Tolbert will conveniently go 3-4 with a pair of doubles in one of his first games and do nothing after that.

Earlier this decade, I was one of few to defend Luis Rivas when most fans complained about how lousy he was. A second baseman with great defense, a .260 batting average and five to ten home runs would look pretty good right now. That's not to say they should have kept Rivas, but as second-basemen go, he was at least adequate.

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