Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hot Dogs

This week, the Twins announced what type of hot dogs they will serve at Target Field. I was disappointed that they did not reveal that Nick Punto has been reassigned to sell hot dogs. Joe Nathan may miss the season. I seem to remember a few years ago, that the Twins decided to use a no-name middle inning reliever as a closer and it worked out okay.

I'll have to read it again to convince myself, but I don't think Souhan took a single pot-shot at Delmon Young in his column which wonders if the Twins should consider trading Mauer. Most people think the Twins have to sign Mauer. To me, the solution is painfully obvious. Do both. Sure, those deals are usually contingent on signing an extension. But think of how angry you would be if the Twins let Mauer go. Don't you think other teams fans would be just as mad if they learned their GM turned down a deal for Joe Mauer? Learn from the Joe Smith deal and handle everything over the table. Don't tell him what you're doing. Don't even tell Gardy. Just call him into the office, tell him his been traded. Play the season and offer him so much money he has to take it. There's nothing remotely underhanded about it. It's just a gambit. Sure, the other team may get the first chance to sign him long term. But it reminds Joe that he's not in charge here. That's really the important thing. The front office must handle this decisively or they will get burned. Then again, I've heard Alexi Casilla is rather versatile. Will he be catching in 2011?

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