Monday, January 26, 2009

Alexi Casilla

In 2007, Alexi Casilla looked completely overwhelmed with the Major League level of baseball. He began 2008 in AAA where he hit just .219 (21/96) with three doubles accounting for his only extra base hits. Then the entire Twins infield and every backup got hurt, and he was called up by default. In just his 4th game in the lineup upon being recalled, he hit a home run. Stunned by this turn of events, I grabbed my phone to send a text message to my brother. But he was quicker on the draw, and just before I could hit send the exact three letters I had keyed popped up on my screen: WTF. Casilla then taunted Twins fans with plate discipline and occasional power over the summer months. Then he got hurt, and reverted to the Alexi Casilla who held a .250 slugging percentage in AAA. The evidence certainly suggest that May, June, and July are the exception. But even if they are the rule, it's hard to be excited about a player whose upper ceiling looks to be Luis Rivas. But he is really fast.

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