Saturday, January 24, 2009

Glen Perkins

Glen Perkins received plenty of praise for filling a hole in the rotation last year. He had some solid outings, but I had a hard time getting myself to watch on days that he pitched. The inevitable sixth inning meltdown just ruins the whole game. Once this trend emerged, I wish Gardy would have picked (at least) one game to force Perkins through the 6th no matter how many runs and pitches it took. Instead of getting Bass or Guerrier as soon as things got ugly, Gardy should have just sat in the dugout glaring at Perkins with nobody warming up. I don't care if he was out of gas, hitters figured him out the third time through, or otherwise. He needed to be able to finish a game. Instead, he continually proved my suspicion that he's a "Number 6" starter. He's great for a temporary replacement when somebody else is injured, but he wasn't effective enough to be out there every fifth day for most of a season.

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  1. Perkins pitched 48 innings in 2007 (19.33 in RK, A+, AA and AAA, and 28.67 for the Twins), 151 in 2008.
    It will be interesting to see how he does, but we really can't know right now.