Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jacque Jones

Forgive me for saying this, but I'm excited by the news that the Twins signed the outfielder to a minor league deal. Of former players with even a remotely realistic chance of returning, Chuck Knoblauch is about the only one who could intrigue me more. After all the two-hoppers to second and flailing strikeouts, it's easy to forget that Jones was one of the most productive hitters from 1999-2003; any other player over that era had at least one terrible year. Of course, every year since then, Jones has been worse than a young Doug Mientkiewicz. With any luck, opposing managers have forgotten how to pitch to him and he can be an effective reserve outfielder. If not, it's no big loss. I hope he does well enough that they bring back the old commercial: "Jones turns oun it! He's rounding the bases to the delight of the crowd..." You know. The one with the guy sitting in the toilet stall that shows him with pants around his ankles tapping his feet around as if circling the bases. Much better than the wet toilet paper "high heat" ads.

Even more delightfully, the Mets claimed Jason Pridie off of waivers. Good riddance.

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