Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Perkins and Arbitration

Apparently Twins left-handed pitcher Glen Perkins is upset that he failed to qualify for arbitration because he finished the season in AAA. At first, I thought, "Well, you should have thought about that when you lost the game in the top of the first or blew up in the 6th." Then I realized that anybody who was pitching in his place did exactly the same thing. Maybe that's his case. He was just trying to do like everybody else.

Speaking of everybody, Francisco "I Sure Hope He's not the Franchise" Liriano has been pitching the heck of winter ball. He should be well on his way to throwing hall of fame bullpen sessions by May.

I wanted to air my grievances about the pitching staff and sadly realized that it would be a complete re-run from last year. I can't remember any of their names, and a disgruntled White Sox fan said it best in 2002: "You're worse than the guy last night." The grounds crew on Major League wasn't too far off, either. Aside from the pitching, Punto, Tolbert, and Casilla I think I like this team.

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