Thursday, September 30, 2010

Final Series

This series with the Blue Jays is a playoff series. I've already posted my thoughts on how the Twins compare with Toronto. Technically, the games may be meaningless, but Toronto is unquestionably a playoff caliber team.

My middle school baseball team once lost a game 6-2. After the game, the other team's coaches told us that it was the first game they had not won by the 10-run mercy rule. They said that it was because they didn't pitch their best pitchers. Meanwhile, the Twins have allowed 59 runs- make that 60- in the last week. That's about the same number of runs the Twins allowed from the start of September until the Tigers series. It's okay, though. Jim Thome, Joe Mauer, JJ Hardy, and others were resting because the division had already been clinched. Well, Punto's lousy defense at short did surrender a few runs, so I suppose it's at least something of an excuse.

Losing streaks happen to every baseball team. That doesn't concern me. I am, however, disconcerted at just how easily they're losing. A team that's headed to the playoffs should at least be playing quality baseball. They're just embarrassing themselves.

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