Saturday, September 18, 2010

Manager of the Year

People seem to be nominating Ron Gardenhire for manager of the year. After all, his team has all but wrapped up its division and has one of the best records in the league. He's also taken a team with one of the best rosters in the league that plays in one of the weakest divisions to this point. Let's not forget the Twins entered the year among the favorites to contend for the World Series title. To this point, he has met expectations. There are plenty of managers out there who could screw this up, but I'd like to think there are at least a few doing more with less. Ozzie Guillen took the White Sox into September still in contention for a playoff spot.

Gardy can't even take credit for some of his best moves. He reluctantly played Delmon Young everybody because Bill Smith didn't give him any outfielders. Even then, he tried to bench Young because Kubel couldn't hit. He had nothing to do with Pavano. And he still hasn't found a way to play Punto from the DL.

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