Monday, February 2, 2009

Blackburn and Breslow

These two pitchers get to share a grievance. Both were pleasant surprises in some sense, but they symbolize the team's struggles in 2008. Blackburn helped to fill a void by stepping into the rotation and pitching effectively for the early months of the season. He also struggled to pitch innings down the stretch and looked over-matched in several outings. All things considered, he put together an encouraging rookie season. But he hardly merited rookie of the year consideration or many of the other praises piled on him.

Meanwhile, Breslow may have been the most effective performer in the Twins bullpen last season. Somebody in the bullpen ought to have pitched well enough that I'd be laughed at for saying that. This isn't Breslow's fault, but I'm mad at him for it anyway.

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  1. Third behind Nathan and Mijares in OBA/WHIP and second in SLG % behind only Mijares. All this from a waiver pick-up.
    Someone in the Twins scouting corps has a good eye.