Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brian Buscher

Brian Buscher made his Twins debut in 2007 in Cleveland against the Indians. I was at that game. In paging through the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I noticed that the Twins had made a roster move. I remarked that I expected to see him in the game that evening because Gardy likes to "run 'em out there right away to see what they can do." Sure enough, he started the game at third. A few innings into the game, a Buscher throwing error set off a 6 run inning. The damage might not have been nearly so severe if not for everybody's favorite defensive wizard Nick Punto committing another error. Meanwhile, Buscher went 2-4 at the plate. That evening summarizes Brian Buscher. He has potential to be a solid hitter- at least against right-handed pitchers- and with some work he could be serviceable in the field. I don't really have a problem with him, but it's really hard to get excited about a player whose value is having the potential to be adequate.

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