Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Infield

The StarTribune story regarding the Crede acquisition claims the Twins head into 2009 with their best infield in a while.

But the addition of a proven player such as Crede to play with former MVP Justin Morneau at first base, table-setter Alexi Casilla at second and reliable shortstop Nick Punto appears to give the Twins their best all-around infield in a long time.

I love the word table-setter to describe Casilla. He and Punto have more business as busboys at Denny's than they do heading to spring training as the favorites to start up the middle. In his tenure as Twin, Punto has been anything but reliable. Throughout 2008 he was streaky and injury prone. He flirted with the Mendoza line during the 2007 season following a few hot months in '06. Last season, when he wasn't striking out, popping up, and spiking his helmet in disgust, he was committing baserunning blunders worse than Willie Mays Hayes.

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