Monday, September 7, 2009

All Metrodome Catcher

The middle of the lineup is mired in a slump resembling a typical week for the middle of the infield, but otherwise the Twins have not done anything blog-worthy in a while. I take that back. Cuddyer and Morneau's "slump" would qualify as a hot streak for Casilla or Punto. In light of that, I continue naming players to my All Metrodome team. A month of two ago, I selected Pat Meares as the shortstop.

The catcher lead the club to several division championships while facing plenty of 0-2 counts as a left-handed hitter. He's one of the best catchers to wear a Twins uniform in the Metrodome era, and I will never understand the boos with which the Metrodome crowd greets A.J. Pierzynski. He has always been a solid backstop and tough out. He called a good game and seemed to handle the pitching staff pretty well. For as long as he wore a Twins uniform, he did everything he could to win each ballgame. Joe Mauer is a great player, too. I have nothing against him, but I still miss Pierzynski.

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