Monday, September 28, 2009

A Chilly Wind

A strong wind from the north has lowered the temperature in Minnesota. The cool air and bright colors are probably supposed to make me think of football. To me, this weather means that after a hot (or not so hot in 2009) summer, it's finally time for real baseball. I'm looking forward to watching October baseball, and despite the Twins best efforts the Twins may not have that chance. It's anybody's guess what they'll do in Detroit, but I'd be surprised if the two teams combine for more than 1 win during the final weekend.

While I contemplate the outfield and first baseman for my All Metrodome team, I will name the designated hitter. This one is even easier than Gaetti. Nobody is the All Metrodome DH. There have been a few isolated successes, but throughout their stay at the Dome, the Twins have not had a designated hitter. Chili Davis had a strong year in '91, Paul Molitor received a few MVP votes in '96, lately Kubel has settled into the role, and David Ortiz had an outstanding month in July 2002. That covers about 6 of the Twins nearly 30 seasons under the teflon bubble. The rest of the time, platoon outfielders and mediocre free agents attempted to fill the void. Heck, even Denny Hocking started at DH now and then. For as crazy as it sounds to put a light-hitting utility infielder at DH, at least he was a career .250 hitter and rarely flirted with the Mendoza line for most of a season.

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  1. I just caught this on the Tony Kornheiser (my boy!) radio show from two days ago and his guest is Tim Kurkjan who is talking about Game 1 in the Min/Det series. Tony was asking what he thought about the attempted suicide squeeze play in the 7th. And I quote:

    “Well first off Tony, the Twins are not a particularly good offensive team when it comes to just outslugging you. The way they are in the top ten in runs scored is exactly that – they push the ball around, they move it around. Nick Punto is the one guy is the Major Leagues I would trust to get a suicide squeeze down. The number one guy. Because he can’t play in the league unless he can do things like that.”

    Tim Kurkjan is now functionally-equivalent to Joe Morgan! I can't believe he didn't use the words "heart" or "grinder".

    On the bright side that must mean Little Nicky Punto will be out of the league next year, right Tim? Simply amazing.