Wednesday, August 12, 2009


(Thankfully) I was busy last night and missed the ballgame. I skimmed over the box score this morning. I saw Punto listed toward the middle of the order and listed as the 3rd baseman. What does it say that I thought he started the game batting in the middle of the order following Morneau in the batting lineup? I legitimately thought manager Ron Gardenhire decided to "mix things up a little bit" and "work Nicky in there." I then discovered that he had just one trip to the plate and apparently replaced Morneau late in the game.

Today, heads rolled in the Milwaukee Brewer's organization. In principal, I respect the stability of the Twins, but now and then I would like to see them employ such euphemisms as "dismissed" or "designated for assignment" in description of Twins personnel.

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