Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Bunt

From the accounts of Wednesday evening's game, I gathered that the Twins had all but wrapped up the 2009 American Central pennant. The Tigers lost, the Twins had some timely hitting, and Liriano reverted from- excuse me- returned to form. Certainly, the win was refreshing, and the Tigers and White Sox are undoubtedly too mediocre to end Twins fans' misery any time soon. A strong ballgame today would have at suggested that Wednesday's 5-1 victory was not an anomaly. Instead, a middle infielder with a .200 batting average known for his ability with the little things failed to lay down a sacrifice bunt with nobody out and two runners on base late in a 1-run contest that the Twins lost by 1 run. His whole tenure with the Twins would have been worth it if only Gardy or Bill Smith had marched onto the field and given Punto his outright release before he had time to get up, brush the dirt off- even if he fouled out, I'm sure he slid headfirst into first base- and return to the dugout. Is that too much to ask?

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