Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pleasantly Surprising Weekend

The Twins pleasantly surprised fans this weekend. I saw those three letters I love to see by Nick Punto's name: DNP. It's much better than GIDP- although that typically requires hitting the ball hard and on the ground. I guess that's the one upside to weak pop-ups to second. I'd say it can't be a coincidence that they swept the series with Punto on the bench, but that just means Casilla is out there instead. Both have their batting averages creeping upwards.

This sweep probably means the series with the Royals to close the Dome will be less interesting. I had expected that series would be for 4th place. And while the Twins could play poorly enough to make it close, the Royals can't play well enough to make up the ground. But there is one prize still in sights: Winning the division with a losing record. Can you imagine the Twins entering the final game at 80-81 with the Tigers at 79-82 and both teams lost to send the 80-82 Twins to the playoffs? I guess I would feel bad for the Metrodome to have to host the playoff series.

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