Friday, August 7, 2009


Sure, the official scorer ruled it a hit. I don't care. Good thing we have Punto out there to play great defense for us. Of course, Gardy will blame the run on Harris. These Twins are so depressing, I'm looking forward to the Vikings. Heck, they are so pitiful, I honestly found myself excited to see how the Timberwolves do this year. Pavano and Cabrera must be wondering what they did to deserve this. And Cabrera was traded from Oakland.

It's now 4-1 before I have time to finish my post venting frustration at our $4 million defensive wizard. If he saves so many runs, why didn't he make that play? Argh.

I followed the Twins pretty closely through the late 90's and I couldn't even make it through one inning tonight.

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